Launched in 2001, the Department of Economics offers the first undergraduate program from the School of Social Sciences. The University is widely acknowledged as one of the best in Taiwan, and the Department is committed to achieving the equal status in its profession within next few years. The M.A. program has established in 2006.


  1. The B.A. program aims to equip the college students with the basic economic literacy, the global vision, and the humanism so that they can be future elites of the society.
  2. The M.A. program intends to cultivate the advanced economic analytical abilities of graduate students in addition to the above, so that they can be prospective talents of related fields.
  3. In the coming years, the department will collaborate with other departments to establish interdisciplinary programs and courses to assist students in achieving the above goals.


In order to improve our learning environment and research capacity, we purchase numerous collections every year and allocate them in the library. The collection includes books, periodicals, pamphlets and audiovisual materials.

In addition, each classroom in the department is equipped with a large-scale color projector and silver screen to improve teaching environment. Other audio-visual equipment that faculty and students can access includes DVDs and digital video cameras.


The Department aims to

  1. collaborate with the University's ideal and goal to be a comprehensive university.
  2. enhance the overall development of the Social Sciences Faculty.
  3. elevate the social consciousness and humanities atmosphere in southern Taiwan, shorten the distance between North and South of Taiwan in the field of social sciences, and achieve, step by step, the goal of balanced North-South development of Taiwan.
  4. promote Taiwan's overall development and modernization.
  5. actively take part in activities of social sciences in international arena; based on Taiwan, extending to the Asia-Pacific and other regions, the Department is to diffuse the research findings of social sciences of Taiwan to the international academia and open the dialog between Taiwan and the rest of the world.


  1. Help students to develop creative thinking, leadership and communication skills to prepare them for employment and to continue life-long learning.
  2. Analyze public policy issues and react to societal needs.
  3. Promote multi-disciplinary programs and broaden the vision and learning profiles of students.
  4. Combine local resources and university facilities to serve the community cost-effectively through outreach services.
  5. Strengthen academic exchanges with the top-rank economic-related institutions around the world.