The 2014 University of British Columbia (UBC) Vancouver Summer Program was well received by over 600 students from different universities with very good feedback. We are very pleased to invite your students to participate in the 2015 Vancouver Summer Program in the Arts and Law packages on the beautiful campus of the University of British Columbia. Each package consists of two courses which enhance their learning experiences with study in an international setting in Vancouver, BC Canada. Students will develop skills essential for their success in future, improve their English skills, understand the Canadian society, culture and education style, and meet fellow students from Canada and around the world.


Package A – The World of Manga and Anime

Manga and Anime in the World

Writing for Graphic Forms: Manga

Package B – Global Journalism, Culture and Communications: Practice and Principles

Culture and Communication

Global Journalism

Package C – Environmental Economics & Introduction to Resource and Sustainable Practices

Environmental Economics

Environment, Resources, and Sustainable Development: An introduction to sustainable practices

Package D – International Trade, Financial Markets and Politics

International Trade and Financial Markets

Dynamics of International Politics


Topics in Law: International Business and Canadian Common Law

The Law and Practice of International Business

Canadian Common Law – Rights & Responsibilities

The 2015 Vancouver Summer Program run from July 18, 2015 to August 18, 2015.

Please find enclosed the 2015 Vancouver Summer Program powerpoints, course descriptions, Next Steps Guide and registration list.  It would be much appreciated if you could kindly help promote these program packages to your students. Each course consists of 39 hours and home university could consider giving academic credits tostudents at its discretion. We would be grateful if possible home university could help us screen students who are interested to participate for their English proficiency and suitability.  Group registration or students to register with us directly by individual application are acceptable.  We welcome and encourage students to register early in order to secure their package preference, a visitor visa if required and a cheaper airfare. For university sending 24 or more participants you are welcome to send a chaperone or administrator with the group. The chaperone will be provided with accommodation and health insurance and is welcome to participate in any of the activities involved in the program preferably with advance notice.

The deadline for registration is March 28, 2015. Should you or your students have any questions related to the summer program please feel free to contact us.

Thank you very much in advance for your kind assistance.

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